They are reusable ecological packaging. A sustainable alternative that replaces plastic wrap. They are used to wrap food in direct contact with the cloth or use it as a container cap.

They are compostable as they are made from 100% cotton cloth. They are dyed with natural dyes and stamped with water-based dyes. For the cloth’s treatment we use bees’ operculum wax, pine resin and organic jojoba oil.

¿How long do they last?

They last about a year or more.

¿Can they be frozen?

They can be stored used in the freezer, for example to separate meals. But when you remove them from the freezer, leave them at room temperature for a few minutes so they do not crack.

¿Can they be washed?

They are washed like a plate, in the same way you put it in the hand and with the sponge you clean it, always with cold water. Never scrub like clothes because that will remove the wax, this is very important so that they last a long time.

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